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Our goal is to help you find the best possible health coverage options for you, your family, or your business.Discover the optimal health coverage that precisely aligns with your unique needs. Pringnitz Health Insurance provides personalized guidance, unwavering support, and unparalleled expertise to help you navigate the complexities of the health insurance industry. Trust us to deliver exceptional solutions and exceed your expectations.

About Us

Your Dedicated Health Coverage Experts

We are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses find the perfect health coverage solutions. With our extensive expertise and family background in the health industry, we are passionate about serving the community. 


Our Core Services

Pringnitz Health Insurance offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your budget objectives on a national, regional, and local scale.


Comprehensive coverage for routine check-ups, preventive care, and major dental procedures, ensuring your oral health is protected.


Receive coverage for eye exams, prescription glasses, contact lenses, and discounts on vision-related services, ensuring clear vision and eye health.

Critical Illness

Financial support in the event of a severe illness diagnosis, providing a lump-sum payment to cover medical expenses and other financial obligations.

Income Protector

Safeguard your income during periods of temporary disability, ensuring financial stability by receiving a portion of your income if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury.

Accident Protector

Additional coverage and financial support in the face of unexpected accidents, protecting you from unforeseen medical expenses and providing peace of mind.


Private Plan

Our private health insurance plans are designed to meet your unique needs. We offer a range of coverage options, including medical, hospitalization, prescription drug coverage, outpatient care, and wellness services.


Comprehensive coverage for essential medical services, including doctor visits, diagnostics, treatments, and medical procedures, ensuring your health needs are met.


Protection against high healthcare costs related to hospital stays, surgeries, and specialized treatments, providing financial support during times of medical emergencies.


Access to a wide range of prescription medications, ensuring affordability and helping you manage your healthcare needs effectively.

Outpatient Care

overage for medical services that do not require overnight hospital stays, including consultations, therapies, and minor procedures, promoting timely and convenient healthcare access.


Support for preventive care and wellness services, including health screenings, vaccinations, and lifestyle programs, empowering you to maintain optimal health and well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no specific time requirement; you can cancel it whenever you no longer need it.


Is the “open enrollment” period the only time when I can enroll in private insurance?

The “open enrollment” period specifically applies to ACA/Obamacare and government plans. However, private insurance is available for enrollment throughout the year.

Absolutely!  Our plans offer nationwide coverage both and off the job.  With our PPO plans, you have the flexibility to receive coverage beyond your specific zip code or county, unlike many other plans.


Insurance prices are determined based on several factors. These include but are not limited to the type and level of coverage desired, the age and health status of the individual or group, the geographical location, and any applicable risk factors. Insurers use these factors to assess the level of risk and calculate the premium amount that reflects the potential costs associated with providing coverage. It’s important to discuss your specific needs and circumstances with an insurance professional to get accurate pricing information tailored to your situation.


Public Marketplace plans, also known as ACA/Obamacare plans, take into account income and age when determining eligibility and pricing. These plans are designed to provide affordable coverage options based on income levels, with subsidies available for those who qualify. On the other hand, private plans primarily consider an individual’s health status when determining pricing and coverage options. This allows for more personalized and tailored coverage based on the individual’s specific health needs and circumstances. It’s essential to explore both public and private plan options to find the best fit for your situation.

I provide a wide range of insurance plans, including Medical/Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Supplemental, Critical Illness, and Income Protection (Short term disability). If you have any specific needs or requirements, I am here to assist you in finding the right plan.

Investing in your health today will pay dividends of vitality, energy, and happiness tomorrow.

Exceptional Care Wherever You Are

We offers coverage options that provide peace of mind and access to quality healthcare services, ensuring your well-being is prioritized no matter your location.

Your Health, Your Coverage

Your Health, Your Coverage encapsulates the core philosophy of Pringnitz Health Insurance. We believe that every individual’s health journey is unique, and we are dedicated to providing tailored coverage solutions that align with your specific needs, ensuring exceptional care and peace of mind throughout your healthcare experience.

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